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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 23-03-2022

5 arguments that will get IT to approve of the cloud

Moving to the cloud is the best opportunity for the manufacturing industry. But that doesn't mean that there are no disadvantages. Most concerns stem from the end users, where the industrial machines are located, who have strict IT policies you need to comply with.

Discover how IXON Cloud deals with the IT department's arguments on why you shouldn't be using a cloud solution — and how you can answer their concerns to get started. All security measures are described in our security whitepaper.

1. Protecting the company's network

At IXON we completely understand the concern for your company's security. And we agree. Your machines should not make you vulnerable to attacks. The end user should be in total control of all incoming traffic, to avoid the risk of exposing the company's network to any unauthorised persons.

That's why IXON's connectivity solutions only set up outgoing connections, meaning that customers don't have to worry about open ports. The IXrouter (edge gateway) also features a built-in firewall. This blocks all traffic from the WAN to the LAN ports - and vice versa - by default. In other words, the machine network is completely separated from the company's network.

If the IT department still thinks it's a risk to get the machine online using the company's network, you may benefit from the 4G/LTE connection. Set up a direct connection to the internet, skipping the company's network. Completely eliminate the possibility for anyone to harm the company's network.

Unlimited users Unlimited users

2. Control when and who to give access

User control, functionality restrictions and the ability to manage VPN access is all part of IXON's solution. This prevents the issue of a lack of insight into who can remotely access the machines.

  • User & machine management: Grant machine access to authorised users only, enable or disable personal access restrictions or give full access. It's all in the admin's control.
  • Audit trail: Gain insight into who accessed which machine, user activities and changes made to the configuration. Every action on IXON Cloud is tracked and logged in a detailed audit trail.
  • Disallow VPN access: End users can manually switch off VPN access with the local switch on the IXrouter's digital input. Just turn it on when industrial remote access is required for support or maintenance. The customer has full control.
  • No additional software needed: (Un)installing software or keeping it updated is no longer a concern for the IT department. IXON Cloud allows for fully web-based access to their machines.

3. Data integrity

Collected and stored machine data is highly valuable, which is why it should be handled with care.

IXON has an ISO 27001 certified information security management system (ISMS) in place, which proves that we uphold the highest industry standards for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Redundancy and backups protect and store the data as you need it. An automated detection system for deviations runs 24/7 and in case of incidents, an IT Security Breach protocol is started. Everything is fully controlled by our in-house security officer, Dylan Eikenboom, who's made it his job to protect your data. Discover how your machine data is stored and secured in IXON Cloud.

All gathered data is your property, so we provide an open cloud environment with export functionalities (CSV,  API) to securely transfer your data to other systems. Or simply use IXON Cloud to log and visualise data in dashboards for insights into the productivity of the machine, and to send alarms in case issues occur.

4. In-house vs cloud

Why use an external cloud environment when you have an in-house infrastructure you can build on? Good question. Hosting an in-house solution comes with many tasks that require a variety of expertise. Who manages availability on the weekends? Who innovates the platform and has in-depth security knowledge so that you don't run the risk of a security breach?

Developing an in-house infrastructure instead of using an external data centre costs heaps more time and effort, especially when it comes to maintenance and control. Not to mention the high start-up costs! Think of all the hardware and staff you'll need or the disaster recovery programs that should be set up.

So why not trust our cloud experts? With IXON you get:

  • Audits by 3rd parties
  • 24/7 monitoring of the cloud architecture
  • No hardware maintenance issues
  • Ongoing security updates

Take advantage of industry experts' know-how and in-depth knowledge. Don't worry about controlling and maintaining your cloud environment. Leave it to experts who dedicate all their time to ensure high availability and security. This shortens your time to market, saves time and costs, and prevents many unnecessary stress headaches.

5. We don't need it

Are you sure about that?

IXON Cloud offers a better way to run your business – for you, your customer and the IT department:

  • ROI from the first use. Costly on-site visits by engineers are no longer necessary, significantly reducing travel costs and machine downtime using remote access.
  • Easy for everyone. No additional software or complicated infrastructure needed. Get started without any coding using IXON's Plug & Play installation.
  • Futureproof. Our in-house R&D team constantly releases new features that help OEMs, system integrators and factory owners increase their productivity.
  • Scalable as you grow. From basic functionalities such as VPN to advanced IoT applications, the IXON Cloud is fully scalable to your needs. Start collecting your data and make machines more valuable.
  • Secured, hosted and managed by industry experts. Save time and costs on implementing or maintaining your own solution.

So, moving to the IXON Cloud is a great opportunity — even for the IT department!

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