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Patrick Smits
Last update: 24-12-2021

16 Benefits of IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing

Reduced downtime. Maximum productivity. Higher quality.

As a manufacturer, you highly depend on the assets in your factory. Failure or malfunctioning of machines means loss of production or poorer quality than desired – problems are always lurking.

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to IIoT as the cornerstone of their digital transformation initiatives.

David Immerman

At the same time, there’s this thing called globalisation. Facing mounting threats from digital disruption and global competition and looking for ways to optimize their operations, manufacturers are increasingly turning to IIoT as the cornerstone of their digital transformation initiatives.

Luckily, enterprise assets and systems are a rich source of untapped data. IXON's Industrial IoT Platform enables you to access, analyze, act upon, and monetize that data. IXON has developed an extremely flexible, user-friendly platform, that provides a number of ways to accomplish this and greatly expands the ways you can derive value from it.

Benefits of IoT for manufacturing companies

So exactly how does IXON Cloud help you gain a competitive advantage? How can we help you to achieve your goals in less time and with fewer R&D investments? The below list of benefits showcases how IXON Cloud supports machine owners, IT departments and machine users.

The top benefits of IXON's IIoT solution in manufacturing can be narrowed down to three main categories:

  • Improving operational performance
  • Ensuring safety, security and compliance
  • Increasing flexibility and agility

Let's find out what IXON can do for you for each of these categories.

Are you a mechanical engineer? Check your benefits here. Are you a manager? Check out this article.

Operational excellence through operational intelligence

1. Your machine is online in just minutes
Find out how in this video.

IXON's IIoT solutions for monitoring machine utilisation provide you with real-time equipment metrics, offering a detailed view of what's happening at every point in the production process. By doing so across your entire operations, you gain instant insight into the shop floor and field operations. By combining data from different sources and visualising it, you’ll achieve the operational intelligence you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Control your machine via browser or smartphone app
Once the IXrouter is connected to the internet, engineers can use VPN Access to set up a secure connection to the device remotely (also available on the mobile app!) and troubleshoot potential issues. No firewall adjustments are needed and you remain in full control.

IXON Cloud remote HMI control via VNC example IXON Cloud remote HMI control via VNC example

3. Completely free IXON Cloud account and remote VPN access.
With VPN access you can service, monitor, and troubleshoot your machines as if you were on-site. Standard functionalities included in your free IXON Cloud account: never pay subscriptions for basic industrial remote access functionalities again.

4. Collect and access machine data with Cloud Logging
Monitoring machine utilisation starts with pulling relevant data about machine operating parameters (run time, operating speed, product output, etc.) from sensors, robots, controllers and industrial protocols. The data is gathered in real-time and transmitted to IXON Cloud for processing.

5. Dashboards can be viewed from any device
After the data is analysed, results are visualised in a dashboard and can be displayed to factory workers (via the web or mobile app). This way the KPI’s of every machine can be relevant and presented to people in real-time with data visualisation.

IXON Cloud machine data visualization dashboard example IXON Cloud machine data visualization dashboard example

6. No vendor lock-in: IXON Cloud is an open cloud platform
By using IXON cloud, data feeds from machines and equipment can be analysed and enriched by exporting them to other SaaS applications. Allowing you to combine your machine data with other important operational data.

Because the IXON Cloud platform is an open cloud environment, your data can be transferred now or in the future to any tool via our API.

Willem Hofmans

This has the big advantage that your data is not locked up in our platform, but you can use it any way you want to. You can even feed it to third party Big Data, AI or machine learning tools.

7. Integrate IXON with 3rd party applications you're already using
With the use of webhooks developers can push messages instantly & securely to any third-party application. Webhooks are a way for an application to provide external applications with real-time information.

Unlike typical APIs, where you would need to poll for data very frequently in order to get it real-time, a webhook delivers data to these applications as it happens, meaning you receive your data immediately.

IXON Cloud Webhooks IXON Cloud Webhooks

8. Use alarms to notify people of machine issues with Cloud Notify
Machine downtime is bad for business and costs a lot of money. So someone needs to be informed right away to take immediate action. That's why IXON Cloud developed Cloud Notify. It uses your machine’s data to create alarm triggers and sends notifications when a data point meets the set criteria. You can even integrate it with external tools like PagerDuty if you need even more complexity for your support team.

9. Reduce Mean Time To Repair and lower repair costs
Often machines tell you when there was a malfunction, but not how long it lasted and whether or not it's been occurring more often than usual. Use your machine data to calculate key performance indicators like Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) or Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

10. Improve availability, performance and quality with predictive maintenance
Combine data from IXON Cloud with machine learning to identify anomalies in asset health. This way you can predict part failures, downtime, and determine the root cause of a failure to prevent future ones (predictive maintenance). With data-driven predictive insights into assets, you can improve availability, performance and quality. The relevant data sources for predictive maintenance include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure history
  • Maintenance/repair history
  • Machine operating conditions
  • Equipment metadata


Ensuring safety, security and compliance

Compliance with industrial safety and security standards can be very expensive and time-consuming. To help manufacturers monitor their compliance, a machine that is connected via an IXrouter can feed all relevant data to the cloud. Even in manufacturing areas subject to specific regulatory frameworks, such as food and beverage process manufacturers or in the energy sector.

11. IXON has an ISO 27001 certified information security management system
IXON is ISO 27001 certified, which proves that we uphold the highest industry standards for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. This systematic approach allows us to achieve our main goals: no security incidents, 99.9% uptime and no data loss.


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12. IXON Cloud is a secure, continuously improved and well-maintained platform
Security is a continuous process that must be monitored and optimised daily. Our management and information security system is based on the ISO-27001 standardization. The Deming cycle is applied to ensure regular improvement. IXON never touches your data and we provide an open cloud environment with export functionalities (CSV, API) to securely transfer your data to any other system.

We and our partners monitor and scan our systems constantly to prevent security breaches.

Dylan Eikelenboom
Security Officer at IXON

Increasing flexibility and agility

Meeting the demands of customers is extremely hard. It’s pushing manufacturers to become increasingly flexible and agile across their shop floors. At IXON we acknowledge this and make sure that we’re not getting in your way.

13. Make sure that you're always in full control
As a manufacturer, you’re always in full control of our hardware. For instance, we'll always send you a notification if there's an update available for your IXrouter's firmware. It's up to you and your engineers to decide when or if to install the latest firmware. Upgrade only when it suits your operations. Even downgrading is possible via the same intuitive interface.

14. Never behind on new features even for existing hardware
Our cloud infrastructure is constantly improved and expanded upon – with new features being released regularly. This makes it possible to leverage new features and performance improvements directly, without having to update your hardware.

15. Thanks to IXON Cloud you can respond to changing business requirements
With growing disruption because of new technologies and globalisation, you have to work hard to respond to the latest requirements and environments. By using your data in new ways, you can respond and make sure your business stays competitive.

16. IXON Cloud opens the door to new business models for manufacturers
IXON Cloud unlocks new business models and payment offerings, such as equipment-as-a-service or a pay-per-use model for lease or rental machines. This way you can achieve maximum flexibility with your hardware manufacturer.

Several ways to explore IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution for manufacturers

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