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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 09-09-2021

10 Benefits of IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution for engineers

Easy setup. Fast access. Better service. Optimized machines.

Connect your machines to a cloud platform tailor-made for optimum service and easy machine insights. No more programming, a Plug & Play installation and fast access to your machines.

Avoid your daily frustrations with the integrated IXON Cloud and IXrouter solution. It’s never been so simple!

Benefits of IXON Cloud for R&D, PLC and service engineers

What does IXON Cloud offer to help you work more efficiently? How can you achieve your goals with less effort?

This list of 10 benefits showcases exactly how IXON Cloud supports and elevates the knowledge and skills of PLC and service engineers.

  1. All-in-one Industrial IoT solution – without any programming
    Seamless integration between cloud, edge connectivity and machine. Always compatible and up-to-date with the latest features.
  2. Save valuable time on installation and configuration
    Plug & Play setup. Just connect the PLC to the IXrouter and the internet and it is accessible via the IXON Cloud in minutes. Once installed you can fully manage settings in the IXON Cloud and push new settings to the IXrouter remotely. No additional software needed.
  3. Provide service faster and more (cost) efficiently with instant machine access worldwide
    Trust our high-end cloud infrastructure for low-latency and fully secured industrial remote access (VPN) to the machine's network for easy monitoring, testing, troubleshooting and updating PLC software or controlling HMI screens. Connect to one machine with multiple users at a time.
  4. Built-in tools for getting data accessible in the cloud
    Web-based configurable data features for logging and data visualisation. Gain insight into the machine’s performance with customisable dashboards, accessible via your browser and mobile device. All there to optimise your machines, predict and prevent maintenance or advise your customers.
  5. The easiest way to create and manage machine alarms
    No more SMTP servers, custom programming or additional hardware to set up machine alarms. Just create alarms and triggers based on PLC variables, set priorities and assign receivers. All configured from your web-based portal.
  6. Fits in any control cabinet
    The IXrouter easily fits in your machine’s control cabinet. Small in size, din-rail mountable and full of clever, cutting-edge technologies.
  7. Robust, secure and always available
    Our modern cloud server architecture provides a fast and redundant solution you can count on. The ISO-27001 based ISMS is designed to protect our systems and defend any vulnerabilities that may arise. This systematic approach allows us to achieve our main goals: no security incidents, 99.9% uptime and no data loss.
  8. Unlimited data storage, users, VPN connections
    We hate limitations. Store an unlimited amount of big data in the IXON Cloud for an unlimited time period. Invite as many users as you want and set up unlimited connections to your machines.
  9. Wide support for industrial protocols and devices
    We support the OPC-UA, ModBus, Siemens S7, Ethernet / IP, BACnet and SMTP protocols to access and collect machine data easily. Connect to any industrial device like robots, IP-cameras, sensors, HMI, PLC etc. through our IIoT platform.
  10. Open for integration & custom applications
    No lock-in. IXON Cloud is an open platform with an API and webhooks included. Connect to any other SaaS solution if you have specific needs, or build your own custom app on top of it.
IXON Cloud and IXON Edge gateway IXON Cloud and IXON Edge gateway

Several ways to explore IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution

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