Cloud Notify

Receive messages about important events of your machine. Get notified when a machine breaks down or needs maintenance. Fully managed on the IXON Cloud – easy, reliable and no programming required.


No longer dependent on a local solution. The unique Cloud Notify functionality can be fully managed on the web-based IXON Cloud.

Plug & Play

IXON Cloud Notify and the IXrouter work together seamlessly. Simply configure your triggers on the IXON Cloud and the IXrouter will start monitoring your machine right away.

No PLC adjustments

A direct connection to the PLC with Plug & Play Cloud Notify. It’s no longer necessary to make adjustments in the PLC.

No SMTP servers

The IXON Cloud ensures a reliable delivery of email messages. With Cloud Notify you are no longer dependent on SMTP servers.

Determine how to receive notifications

Users can choose how they want to receive notifications: via email, push notifications or through a webhook interface with another SaaS service.

Notifications for lost connections

The IXON Cloud monitors the connections of all devices. You will be notified immediately when a connection is lost.

Audit trail

Always receive insight into all occurred notifications with a detailed audit trail.


Start with Cloud Notify in no time. Choose the protocol and easily configure an unlimited amount of triggers.

The receiver and priority, easily adjustable

Easily determine the priority of a notification and who has to be notified.

No recurring costs

No need to worry about complicated monthly subscriptions. Activate Cloud Notify for a one-time fee.

All popular protocols supported

Siemens STEP7

Security is key

The security of your data and machines is of the utmost importance, and IXON meets the highest security standards.

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Reduce downtime
Predictive maintenance
Device map page
Improve productivity


The seamless integration between IXrouter and IXON Cloud ensures that data is accurately stored down to the second and made available worldwide. In the event of an Internet malfunction, timestamps will be corrected.

Custom branding

Improve your branding and customer loyalty with a custom URL, logo, and company colors for your cloud portal.

3rd party BI Tools

Set up a link between the IXON Cloud and your trusted BI tools.

Regional settings

You have users from all over the world. Give them a familiar environment with local time zones, correct numbering formats, and native language.

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User management

Online invoicing

Easily view and manage the status of your invoices. Activate Cloud Notify on your device, and the one-time payment will be invoiced through the automated system.

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Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

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