Cloud Logging

Gain insight into your machines. Turn on IXON Cloud Logging to automatically pull your data from the PLC, send it securely to the cloud, and access it through advanced dashboards.


The IXON Cloud is a futureproof SaaS solution, built on the latest techniques and completely web-based.

Plug & Play

IXON Cloud Logging and the IXrouter work together seamlessly. Simply configure your tags on the web-based IXON Cloud and the IXrouter will start logging right away.

Edge Analytics

The IXON all-in-one solution combines the power of cloud and edge analysis. Realtime calculations and notification triggers are handled locally (edge), while historical data is rapidly analyzed in the cloud.

Data report

Gain insight into your machine's historical data.

Live monitor

Open the live monitor and receive a live stream of your machine's real-time data.

Predictive maintenance
Reduce downtime
Improve productivity
OEE Analysis


Get started with Cloud Logging in no time. Simply choose your protocol and start creating tags based on set intervals or events.

Custom dashboards

Use drag and drop widgets to easily design insightful data reports for your machine. Create various dashboards with relevant insights for different types of users.

Drag & Drop Widgets

More than enough local storage

With 8GB of local Flash memory, the IXrouter can continue logging for a long period of time without Internet access.

Smart formulas

Check the fluctuation of a variable, the maximum temperature, or the number of running hours for a motor. The formula widget gives you instant insights into the time period you select.

Up to 7 years storage

Your Big Data is stored in the cloud for up to 7 years with no additional costs.

Big Data

Optimized for Big Data with speedy SSD Time Series database clusters.

Visual overview

Effortlessly gain insight into the status, temperature, or downtime of your machine. Combine multiple widgets to see the effects that different machine components have on each other.

All popular protocols supported

Siemens STEP7

Security is key

The security of your data and machines is of the utmost importance, and IXON meets the highest security standards.

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Export your data
IXON Support Center
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The seamless integration between IXrouter and IXON Cloud ensures that data is accurately stored down to the second and made available worldwide. In the event of an Internet malfunction, timestamps will be corrected.

Custom branding

Improve your branding and customer loyalty with a custom URL, logo, and company colors for your cloud portal.

Clear packages

No limitations on sample intervals or number of variables. Simply pay for the number of samples you’re streaming to the cloud. Standard 1.000, 5.000 or 20.000 samples/hour. Need more? Get in touch with us.

samples per hour
samples per hour
samples per hour
Need more?
Contact us!

3rd party BI Tools

Set up a link between the IXON Cloud and your trusted BI tools.

Regional settings

You have users from all over the world. Give them a familiar environment with local time zones, correct numbering formats, and native language.

Online invoicing

Easily view and manage the status of your subscriptions. Use the automated system to select an annual plan for a discounted rate, or even cancel your monthly subscription altogether.

Get the Android app

Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

Get the iOS app

Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

Get ready to connect!

The IXON Cloud is completely web-based and accessible on your smartphone or tablet.
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