Cloud Access

Manage HMIs and access web-based controls directly from your browser. Installing a VPN Client is a thing of the past.

HMI access with web based VNC

Most HMIs support the VNC protocol, which allows you to remotely take over a screen. The IXON Cloud uses the webVNC technique, allowing you to take control of the HMI from your browser – without any software installation.

Access local webservers

Directly access the http webserver in your PLC. Security is guaranteed with https connection and individual authentication on the IXON Cloud.

How it works

The IXON Cloud sets up a connection with the local web server or VNC service via the secured VPN tunnel. Using advanced Proxy technology, the IXON Cloud streams content to users via a secure https connection. It’s easy to use and offers all the security benefits of VPN techniques, without needing to install a local VPN client.

For everyone

Give your customers or mechanics easy access to the machine through smartphone, tablet, or PC. No software installation necessary.

Optimized for smartphones

Zoom and pan effortlessly over your HMI. Everything is easy to operate, regardless of which device you’re using.


The IXON Cloud is a futureproof SaaS solution, built on the latest techniques and completely web-based.

Device map page
Guaranteed uptime
Device management
User management

Security is key

The security of your data and machines is of the utmost importance, and IXON meets the highest security standards.

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Custom branding

Improve your branding and customer loyalty with a custom URL, logo, and company colors for your cloud portal.

WebSocket Proxy

Web sockets make communication with local controls easy. It’s safe and requires no firewall hassles. The application simply requests web socket access via the IXON API, and then communicates safely with your controllers.

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Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

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Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

Get ready to connect!

The IXON Cloud is completely web-based and accessible on your smartphone or tablet.
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