Instantly connected as if you're next to your machine.

  • VPN access with the push of a button

    A stable and high-speed network connection to your machine for remote PLC programming and troubleshooting.

  • Less downtime for customers

    Help your customers remotely and resolve issues in no time.

  • Save your engineers' valuable time

    Save tremendously on unnecessary travel. A costly on-site visit is no longer necessary. Calculate your ROI.

IXON Cloud - Animation of Remote Access (VPN) to industrial machines
High-speed worldwide VPN network

Machines automatically connect to the nearest IXON Cloud server. A fast VPN connection for PLC remote access, no matter where you are in the world.

Secure for you and your customer

Don't take any risks and offer your customers a reliable solution that's subject to the highest safety requirements.

Made for easy collaboration

Invite an unlimited number of users. Work simultaneously with your colleagues in one platform, in a quick and secure manner. Includes unlimited use of VPN features.

Always instantly online with 4G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Setting up a connection between machine and IXON Cloud is truly Plug & Play with the seamlessly integrated IXrouter.

Remote VPN Access explained

Connect PLCs, HMIs, IP cameras and other control components to the IXrouter – our industrial VPN router for PLC remote access. Once you've connected the IXrouter to the internet via 4G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it sets up a secure outgoing VPN connection to IXON Cloud.

Now you can connect to your machine/PLC via the internet from anywhere in the world. With the push of a button on the IXON Cloud platform, your laptop or smartphone sets up an outgoing VPN tunnel to the IXON Cloud, allowing you to remotely connect to the IP address of the PLC.

Since there's a transparent connection between your device and the machine, you can use remote condition monitoring to keep an eye on the machines' PLC performance and control, program and fix bugs remotely.

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  • Mobile VPN support
  • Locally turn off VPN access via hardware switch (IAW DIN EN ISO 10218-2 and DIN EN 415-10)
  • Multiple subnets within one machine
  • No (unsafe) open ports in your firewall
  • No fixed IP address necessary
  • Individual access and user rights
  • Support for device discovery (broadcast)
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

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Besides a VPN connection for PLC remote access, you can also safely control HMIs via the mobile app, visualise machine data or receive notifications. Continue for this, and more.

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