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IXON Cloud: the Industrial IoT solution that grows with you

IXON Cloud is an end-to-end IIoT solution from hardware to cloud platform, specifically designed for machine builders and system integrators. The IXON Cloud platform stimulates and accelerates the Industrial IoT transition from idea to application. The tools and technology are available in a ready-to-use IIoT platform, allowing you to focus on what you are good at: collaborating with customers, providing service and sharing insights. With IXON Cloud you will continue to add value for your customers throughout the entire life cycle of your machines.

Collaborate from your own service portal

Collaborate with customers and partners from your own service portal to monitor and optimise your machines. Manage all your machines and users from your own web portal. IXON Cloud is accessible anytime, anywhere and can be fully personalised according to your wishes.

Efficient remote service

Connect your machines, reduce unplanned machine downtime and take your service to the next level with remote access. IXON Cloud offers all the possibilities to remotely monitor, program and commission your industrial devices (such as PLC, HMI, robot) safely.

Improve machine performance and predict maintenance

Analyse and optimise systems and customer processes using machine data. Present fault codes and performance in dividable machine dashboards. Take action only when needed and predict maintenance with alarms. All easily set up in IXON Cloud without a single line of code.

Endlessly expandable – build on a powerful foundation

IXON Cloud is an open and expandable Industrial IoT platform. Accelerate the development of your own IIoT project and combine the power of a proven standard with the unique capabilities of a custom application. Integrate with external systems (CRM, ERP) and build your custom app on top of a solid and secure foundation.

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