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All your machines within reach

  • One clear overview

    Manage all your machines via IXON Cloud. Clearly arranged into relevant categories.

  • Always up to date

    New firmware and settings are fully managed online and sent to your device with the push of a button.

  • Connect any industrial device

    PLCs, HMIs, sensors, robots, IP camera's and more can be connected to IXON Cloud without any trouble using an IXrouter or IXagent.

IXON Cloud - User and Device management
Easily upgrade firmware remotely

You're in control. Install updates to your hardware with a single push of a button whenever it suits you best.

Changing settings has become even easier

Network settings, access rights and (data monitoring) configurations are all easily modified on IXON Cloud. Simply push the new configuration to your device with the push of a button.

Get new devices online in no time

Instantly accessible: new devices automatically register themselves in your IXON Cloud account without any problems.

Detailed machine information

Gain better insight into where your machines are, for which application they are used and who the customer is. Set up exactly how you want to display your machine metadata.

How can you manage your devices on IXON Cloud?

Connect your machine device to IXON Cloud within two minutes.

Simply use the online generated installation file (IXrouter) or activation code (IXagent), the rest is taken care of automatically.

Your new device is immediately accessible in your device overview. From here you can configure the most simple to the most advanced settings of your device on IXON Cloud.

Send the new configuration to your device via a secure connection with the push of a button. That way you're always sure of an up-to-date configuration without having to be on-site.

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More certainty and information about your machines

  • With connection notifications you'll never miss another warning whilst your device is unexpectedly offline
  • Easier and faster configuration of (series) machines with templates
  • All the necessary information for extensive machine diagnosis can be found in the detailed audit trail
  • Easily transfer your devices to another company account without local actions
  • Get an overview of where in the world your machines are located, and with which server they are connected in the map view

Check out all IXON Cloud features

Besides advanced device management, you can also log data, receive alarms and notifications, or programme your machines remotely. Continue for this, and more.

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