Gather new insights from your machine data

  • Analyse machine status

    Discover important trends in your machine data with condition monitoring, offer predictive maintenance and improve machines.

  • Allow customers access

    Does you customer also want insight into their productivity? Allow them access to your unique service portal in the cloud.

  • Massive production profit right away

    Don't underestimate the value of new insights. A small adjustment can result in a great production improvement.

IXON Cloud: Build dashboards from machine metrics demo
Drag & Drop construction of dashboards

Simply put together your own dashboards with Drag & Drop widgets. Always be sure that you can present your data however you please - without having to develop your own solution.

Speedy server-side analysis

The IXON Cloud infrastructure is optimised to process big data. That way your data is always available at the speed of light, whether it's live, historical or calculated.

Time zones and regional settings

Present your data worldwide according to each region's local time zone, correct numbering format and native language. A familiar environment for everyone.

Export your data

Set up a connection between IXON Cloud and your trusted BI tools with the API or download your data as a CSV file for further analysis.

How does data visualisation on IXON Cloud work?

Get new insights and give your customers targeted advice.

It's very easy. After you've started effortlessly logging your data with Cloud Data Logging, you can start putting together your dashboards.

With the help of Drag & Drop widgets you can simply construct your own personalised dashboard that perfectly suits your machine. Create various dashboards for different types of users, such as engineers, management and your customers. Connect the widget to the correct tag and gain insight into your data right away.

Instant result without a single line of code.

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  • Unlimited number of dashboards
  • Wide range of widgets
  • Graphs with multiple tags and adjustable scaling
  • Bar chart widget for analysis per month, week, day or hour
  • Period analysis (max, min, mean, range, last, first)
  • Machine state analysis
  • Gauge widget
  • Exportable tables
  • Set units and decimals as desired
  • Optimised for smartphones

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Besides data visualisation for condition monitoring, you can also log machine data, receive alarms and notifications or control your machines remotely via browser or app. Continue for this, and more.

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