Reliable and accurate data logging in the cloud

  • Configuration on the IXON Cloud

    Simply choose which variables you want to log, how often and under which conditions. Get started right away - without any programming.

  • Secure data transfers from PLC to the cloud

    Never lose any valuable data with the seamless integration between IXON Cloud and IXrouter.

  • Always instant access to your data

    All your machines and data in one platform, accessible worldwide for you and your customers.

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Designed for every type of machine

Cloud Data Logging is completely fine-tuned from IXrouter to IXON Cloud, and works seamlessly with almost all modern machine control protocols, including Modbus TCP, OPC-UA, Siemens S7 and Ethernet IP.

Confidentiality, availability and integrity

IXON makes sure your data is always available, accurate and secured in the cloud. Read more about how IXON deals with the security of your data.

Unlimited data logging, streaming and storage

Log enormous amounts of data and stream them to a scalable cloud storage. No need to worry about performance or runaway costs.

All the benefits of SaaS

Building and maintaining your own PaaS platform brings massive risks. Let IXON take care of your platform and profit from continuity, updates and 24/7 monitoring.

How does data logging on IXON Cloud work?

The most robust way to send data to the cloud reliably and securely

Simply configure which variables you want to log, how often, based on which condition and how long the data should be stored. The configuration is automatically sent to your local edge device (e.g. IXrouter), which starts logging your data immediately. Your machine data is stored in large, ISO-27001 certified database clusters in Europe.

Limit the amount of data that's sent to the cloud with edge aggregation. The IXrouter starts logging your machine data locally (every 20-50 ms) and only sends a pre-defined value to the cloud every minute or hour. That way you can detect a peak by only sending the highest logged value in an hour. Use your gathered data for alarms and to build condition-based monitoring dashboards.

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Read how Water IQ used cloud-based analysis to achieve intelligent water use.


  • No data limit with unlimited data storage
  • Supports up to 2.000 tags and 10 devices per machine
  • Sample rate of <5ms via IXON Data Push protocol
  • Acquire data based on interval (200ms to 1 hour), on change or on trigger
  • Local buffering when internet is not available or the connection is bad
  • Supports the protocols OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, Siemens ISO, Ethernet/IP, MELSEC and BacNet
  • GDPR-proof

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Besides data logging and acquisition, you can also monitor data in dashboards, receive alarms and notifications or remotely control your machines via browser or app. Continue for this, and more.

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