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Build on a powerful, secure basis

  • Develop custom machine apps

    There are endless possibilities to integrate IXON Cloud with your own services. Use the solid basis for custom extensions.

  • Each feature is available

    The API has access to all IXON Cloud features. All available for use in your own custom application.

  • Combine proven standard with customisation

    A strong foundation for user management, security and scalability. Ready to go without R&D investment, yet fully expandable as desired.

Extensive API documentation

The detailed manual makes your life easier. Take a look at our sample code on Github or view the full API documentation here.

The most modern technologies

IXON Cloud consists of a REST API and Webhooks. These modern technologies ensure a carefree and futureproof integration with your apps.

Support from IXON's R&D team

Our developers are happy to help with any questions about your integration.

We are always available for advice and to exchange ideas

We are happy to share our knowledge! Discuss your project with one of our product managers for technical advice or inspiration.

Successful integrations with IXON Cloud

Companies such as Fancom and IOdash have already taken the leap. Combine the power of a proven standard with the unique possibilities of a custom application. Or make your own custom dashboard platform for complex data analysis like IOdash.

Use one of the readily available integrations such as Tableau, Zapier, SIGNL4 and Pagerduty, or set up your own integration with a PaaS provider.

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Speed up the development of your own IoT project

  • Security guaranteed with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Data protection and GDPR-proof
  • High speed cloud infrastructure – low latency worldwide
  • Access to all IXON Cloud features as the foundation for custom development

Check out all IXON Cloud features

Besides integration possibilities, you can also white label IXON Cloud as your own, control machines remotely and easily log data for alarms or analysis. Continue for this, and more.

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