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IXON Cloud infrastructure

Designed for optimal performance and reliability worldwide

IXON guarantees a carefree service portal for every machine builder. Profit from an ISO 27001 certified ISMS, worldwide infrastructure and continuous optimisation.

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50+ servers worldwide

The IXON Cloud is a complex and modern network of over 50 servers, located all over the world. Various servers and databases guarantee the best performance, availability and security.

  • API services
  • MQTT broker services
  • VPN servers
  • Kubernetes clusters
  • Relational database cluster
  • Non-relational database cluster
  • Time series database cluster

Want to know what each type of server and service does?

[[Read our security whitepaper]]

We dotted our i's and crossed our t's.

Made for growth

The infrastructure is scalable to guarantee the availability of IXON Cloud. Even when the number of users, connected devices and data storage increases exponentially.

Always the best performance

IXON Cloud automatically chooses the best available server to connect to, so you are assured of the fastest connection. Optimised to transport a high volume of data with minimal delay.

Ironclad security

Spend less time on compliance and focus on what you do best: building machines and providing service. All IXON Cloud servers and databases are located in ISO 27001 certified data centers. Access rights and 24/7 monitoring are arranged down to the last detail both physically and digitally by a team of security specialists.

Secure, ready to go and future-proof

Create your own service portal Instant access. No strings attached.