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Meet your service level agreements with valuable machine data insights

Machine builders who fail to comply with their service level agreements (SLA) risk financial penalties and reputation damage. Real-time machine data in IXON Cloud help increase the predictability of service interventions, and give insight into root causes of machine failure.

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SLA Validation Track Machine Uptime

What is a service level agreement?

A service level agreement is a type of contract that includes agreements between the machine builder and the factory owner about certain levels of service and quality that the machine builder has to provide. The service level agreement ensures that both parties have the same expectations during the cooperation. Common components of a SLA are:

  • Guaranteed response time for equipment issues
  • Delivery window for spare parts
  • Guaranteed uptime of the machine

If the machine or services provided do not meet a certain quality condition, it's common to receive a financial penalty. You also run the risk of a deteriorated service reputation. That’s why it's crucial you meet all SLA criteria. IIoT can help you with this.

Identify root causes of machine failures

It all starts by logging essential machine data centrally in IXON Cloud to gain insights into root causes of downtime. Find patterns between failures and downtime to prevent similar failures in the future. Logging the causes of downtime gives you insight into who is responsible for the issue, so you are not charged for operator failures. By informing and advising your customers about downtime causes, they can improve their experience with your machine and get more out of it.

Improve SLA compliance with remote tracking

When a service level agreement is in place, you need to provide service in the agreed-upon response window. To make this possible, you should track and optimise machine equipment with operational analytics and condition-based maintenance.

IXON Cloud enables you to easily create your own dashboards with real-time or historical data. Stay on top of your SLA metrics by visualising them in easily accessible and shareable dashboards. With the built-in remote access solution you can directly solve failures to meet your SLA criteria.

Share machine insights with customers

With the right tools, customer and field support for connected machines can become effortless and cost-effective. The IXON Cloud platform enables you to manage user access with its advanced user management system. Sharing data about uptime, failures and its causes is a piece of cake and handled in a secure way. 

Alarms and notifications help operators or engineers to act in case of impending problems. This way your services are proactive and offer added value, leading to happier faces. After the warranty period you can even think of selling access to the machine dashboards or HMI, or turning machine data into another business model. With IXON Cloud this is all at your fingertips.

How IXON supports you

No-code setup

The time-saving IXON Cloud setup makes collecting data from PLCs, IPCs and robots a piece of cake. Easily visualise your data in Drag & Drop dashboards.

Real-time visibility

Set up your portal and machine dashboards completely to your needs. Show real-time and actionable metrics to keep track of the SLA status at all times.

Immediate troubleshooting

Easily set alarms based on PLC or sensor data and take immediate action via VPN or remote HMI access to meet your SLA criteria in time.

Advanced user management

Manage user access and rights with IXON’s advanced user management system to ensure a secure and seamless collaboration with customers. 

Service opportunities for OEMs

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