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Create new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction with lifecycle management

Managing the lifecycle of industrial equipment is the ideal way to get the best economic life out of a machine. By analysing data on IXON Cloud, machine builders can provide machine lifecycle management as a valuable service to customers – maximising uptime, reducing costs, replacing spare parts on time and driving commercial success. 

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On-time replacement of wear and tear parts

Data collection is a must to improve your machines and offer added value. By logging PLC data you discover what’s happening in your machines, which enables you to tap into new business opportunities such as on-time replacement of wear and tear parts

By getting strategic insights into the performance of machine parts, you can get ahead of failures by determining the equipment life expectancy to prevent downtime from happening. Are you ready to amaze your customers? Determine when wear and tear parts are worn with data logging in IXON Cloud. Monitor their condition and performance so they can be replaced before your customer even notices they are underperforming. 

Predicting critical component failure for higher uptime

One of the best ways to support your customers and save time for your engineers is to schedule timely service and maintenance to prevent downtime. Breakdown of critical machine parts often results in long standstill, because most production facilities have no critical custom parts in stock. An experienced service engineer has to deliver and replace the part on-site. 

By looking for patterns in collected machine data, you can get insights in the equipment lifecycle to predict critical component failure. When performance of certain parameters decreases, you will receive notifications well in advance on your tablet, smartphone or desktop. Replace critical components before they break down to increase machine uptime and the grade of service contracts.

Supplying your own consumables for maximised revenue

Unburden your customers with a smart consumables strategy. Supply your own consumables or sell machines that produce consumables to take away your customer's worries about them. A win-win situation, because you can generate complementary product revenue during the lifetime of the machine.

Transform the future of your business

In 5 years, a minimum of 20% of machine builders’ revenue is expected to come from digital services. Where will you be 5 years from now? Make a futureproof plan and tap into new business opportunities with digital products to generate new revenue streams. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Abovementioned new business models are really tangible and will put you in a position where you can help customers to minimise downtime and losses. Additionally, you can maximise their productivity, profits and ROI. Not only will your customer benefit, it will also result in a premium service offering and competitive advantage.




How IXON supports you

Reliable data storage

Your data is securely stored and centrally available in the IXON Cloud, which means you can remotely extract data without the need for any programming. 

Customisable dashboards

Set up machine dashboards completely to your needs. Show actionable data about the condition and performance of machine parts for proactive maintenance.

Alarms & notifications

Set alarms that get triggered when replacement of machine parts is needed. You will receive notifications on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Secure by design

The IXrouter has a built-in firewall and uses VPN to access the IXON Cloud, which ensures your data is safely stored for decades.

Service opportunities for OEMs

Discover service opportunities for machine builders through use cases and new revenue examples. Download E-book

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