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Learn from your machines in the field to reduce costs on future machines

Have you ever looked at which machine parts are overperforming? Do you know if your machines are really used at the limit of their capacity? You might not realise it, but overperforming parts can cost you a lot. Collect and analyse machine data on IXON Cloud to learn from your existing machines and discover which parts never fail. Save costs while keeping a high quality, design cheaper machines and stay ahead of the competition.

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Discover unexpected cost savings

Would you like to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors? Or are you feeling restricted by the high costs you have now? Find out how you can redesign your machines at lower cost by gathering and analysing data from your existing machines on IXON Cloud with limited investments and quick ROI.

Visualise the collected data from multiple machines in clear dashboards in the IXON Cloud, and perform advanced analysis to learn about the performance of your machines. The key is to not only look for information about failures, but also about things that are going too well. 

Reconsider your safety margins

Use feedback from your machine's entire lifecycle to compare expected versus actual machine usage. Determine if machine parts are overperforming or if they are running below expected design criteria. 

The first is surprisingly common, because machine builders often set wide margins for a safe bet. While this doesn’t sound like a problem, it's a serious waste of money. Monitor, compare and analyse data in the IXON Cloud to learn where to save costs in your redesign.

Feedback to design

Incorporate feedback from your installed machines into the design of a next-generation machine. Lower their safety margins or design criterias and make major savings on expensive high-quality machine parts without the risk of quality loss. Cost savings in your machine design allow you to lower the prices of your machines, giving you a major competitive advantage. Need help rolling out a new business model?

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How IXON supports you

Easy data monitoring

Get insights into your machine data to track part performance. Connect the PLC to the IXON Cloud, extract data and monitor them.

Reliable data storage

Your data is securely stored and centrally available in the IXON Cloud, which means you can remotely extract data from anywhere, at any time. 

Customisable dashboards

Set up custom machine dashboards that fit your specific needs. Show actionable data about the condition and performance of machine parts.

Open platform

Does the IXON Cloud not quite meet your needs? Then the IXON API allows you to integrate with and link to 1000+ external tools.

Service opportunities for OEMs

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