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Improve your field service efficiency with remote access

Machine builders lose money and valuable engineer time due to unplanned on-site support during warranty. Providing remote service compensates for the lack of technical staff and keeps your new projects moving. Get full remote control of your machines in the field with IXON Cloud. Reduce costs, and increase the efficiency and flexibility of your engineers.

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Reduce costs during warranty phase

Unplanned machine failures during warranty are a major expense for machine builders, so you need to troubleshoot faster. Remote access and control enable insights into your customer’s machine from anywhere. By installing IXON’s connectivity hardware in all your legacy machines in the field, current and new machinery, you can set up a remote VPN connection to PLCs and attached devices. With full access to your machine in the field you:

  • Save on travel expenses
  • Save the valuable time of your best engineers
  • Successfully complete the warranty phase
  • Achieve ROI after the first field service trip saved

Securely connected over decades

Automation systems are not engineered to be securely connected to the internet, and the operating system on an active machine is very rarely updated. To protect equipment with outdated firmware, a secure connection with an industrial router is your best solution. 

The IXrouter's built-in firewall and the secure IXON Cloud infrastructure make sure that your machine is securely connected for the next several decades. Outdated PLC software and the internal customer network are thus also shielded from cyber threats.

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Efficient use of scarce engineers

The scarcity of PLC programmers has a negative impact on the production of new machines. Instead of working on new machines, engineers have to solve issues for machines at your customers worldwide. 

Remote access enables PLC programmers to be more flexible, work on new projects and solve over 60% of issues remotely. The IXrouter acts as a gateway to connect to other devices in the machine so the whole infrastructure can be accessed. PLCs and HMIs can be accessed for service and maintenance from anywhere, at any time. The result: less resources needed and a more efficient service team.

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Generate revenue from additional field service activities

To solve downtime more efficiently, your field service team and customers need to collaborate and share information. In the intuitive IXON Cloud platform, you can collaborate with customers from your own service portal. The advanced user management system ensures this is done in a secure way.

This opens the door to value added field service strategies. With opportunities such as remote commissioning you can offer service models at a premium rate. For example, combine remote HMI control with augmented reality to find and fix issues together with your customer. Need help rolling out a new business model?

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How IXON supports you

Time-saving setup

Save up to 1.5 hours of installation time for each machine with our easy Plug & Play connectivity setup.

Secure connectivity

Set up a reliable connection to your PLCs, HMIs and phericals from anywhere, and protect your customer’s network.

Optimal collaboration

Collaborate with customers in an intuitive web-based platform with full access management. No user fees.

Multi-device accessibility

Remotely access all your machines from anywhere in the world via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Service opportunities for OEMs

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