How to write data to Siemens PLCs from the IXON Cloud

You can already easily gain insight into the data from your machines. These insights can, however, mean that changes need to be made. Perhaps you have to change the parameters of a project or it turns out that a setpoint should be altered.

If this is the case, there are multiple ways you can write data to a Siemens PLC to make the necessary alterations. For example, you can set up a VPN connection between your laptop and the installation and use Siemens’ TIA Portal to change the parameters.

Another way to make the installation flexible to future changes is to design your HMI’s screen to allow for changes to important variables. Using a VNC server, you won’t even need a VPN connection to make the required alterations.

Writing data to your Siemens PLC using the HTTP server

Don’t have an HMI included in your installation? Or hesitant about putting too much important information on an HMI screen that the local operator also has access to or can view while you’re logged in remotely?

No worries, there’s another solution if you’re looking to write data to your Siemens PLC remotely without requiring VPN: using IXON Cloud’s HTTP server.

An example of a watch table on the HTTP server of your Siemens PLC, accessible via IXON Cloud.

All this requires is an active HTTP server with a watch table on your PLC and setting up the HTTP service on IXON Cloud. We’ve written a detailed guide explaining exactly what you need to do to get a watch table on your HTTP server, as displayed in the screen above.

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