[Video] Machine (PLC) data logging and dashboarding explained

Machine (PLC) data logging & dashboards – easy and secure with IXON Cloud

This video shows you how to configure the data logging feature of the IXON Cloud to collect and store your machine’s data. Watch the video to see how easy it is to get the job done in no-time – without any coding. Create machine dashboards for yourself, and your customer, to optimise production or machines.

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Cloud data logging video transcript

Hi there. My name is Job from IXON.

In a previous video I explained you how to set-up your IoT portal and manage your machines remotely (Video: Control your HMI and access PLC’s web server with IXON Cloud).

But there is so much more you can do with IXON Cloud.

Today I will show you how to use machine data to setup historical and realtime dashboards with IXON Cloud Logging.

Step 1: Tell the IXrouter where to get its data.

The first step is to select the PLC communication protocol that is used to extract machine data. We support all the industry standards: OPC-UA, Siemens S7, Modbus, Ethernet/IP and SMTP/GPIO.

Configure the variables and when the data will be logged. The data is transmitted through an encrypted MQTT connection to the IXON Cloud. In case the internet drops, the internal 8GB flash storage of the IXrouter will make sure that you won’t lose any data.

Tip! 4 examples of machine data to extract from your machine

Step 2: Create stunning machine dashboards

Now your machine data is available, you can visualise it in a dashboard.

Use a wide variety of widgets to create unlimited data reports for your machine. They are even accessible on your smartphone through the mobile apps. Or export your data to CSV or the API to transfer it to third-party tools like Tableau.

Log machine data and create dashboards in no-time. That’s the easiness of IXON Cloud.

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