The power of passwords: user vulnerabilities in cybersecurityWhat you can do to prevent a security breach

One of the main weaknesses any company has is its personnel. Users are always the weakest spot in any system. Which is why passwords are so important. A good password strategy can be your company’s saving grace from malicious attacks. But what is a good password and how do you keep it safe?

Cybersecurity is a wide-spread area of expertise. Keeping your industrial equipment secure requires effort and a combination of proven methods. In the IXON Cloud Security Whitepaper, you can read all about the security measures we have in place to guarantee your machine’s security.

Passwords are like underwear

When it comes down to it, there are just a few simple rules you should follow that will go a long way to keeping your account safe. Just treat passwords like underwear:

  • Don’t leave them out
  • Don’t share them with friends
  • Change them regularly
  • Be mysterious
  • Make sure they are long enough

Passwords are like underwear - IXON Cloud

Tip! Check HaveIBeenPwned to find out if your email address has already been compromised in a data breach — and quickly change any necessary passwords!

But what makes a password secure?

Many organisations already work with some type of password management tool. These tools are a great way to keep your passwords secure, whilst you don’t have to worry about remembering all of them. And it’s much safer than just writing them down somewhere.

One feature that many of these password management tools have is the ability to create passwords for you. You fill in some parameters and it generates your new password for you. Unfortunately, this random assortment of letters, numbers and punctuation marks is far from a secure password.

Why? As the cartoon below shows, it’s actually very easy for a computer to guess. They’ll have gained access to your account in no-time.

Password strength

A strong password actually consists of a combination of random words. Use an online password checker to check if your passwords are strong enough. For example, it will take a hacker 96 years to crack the password ‘Catphonecablesurname’ — making it a very secure password.

Multi-factor authentication to the rescue

Accessing your machines via IXON Cloud requires you to login using at least an email address and password combination. The available two-factor authentication goes a long way to ensure an even more secure login environment.

Two-factor authentication is an additional security step that’s designed to help strengthen your account and prevent others from accessing your account, even if your password becomes compromised. Read here how you can enable two-factor authentication for your IXON Cloud account.

Want to know more?

Get more in-depth information on IXON Cloud security by reading our whitepaper, which includes topics such as:

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