PLC remote access with IXON Cloud

How to access PLCs remotely for support purposes

Remote access is an increasingly important aspect in industrial and building automation to provide support for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and associated peripherals like Operator Interfaces (OITs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

The traditional approach is difficult to set up, hard to maintain and forms a high risk for cybercrime. It’s time for an easier and highly secured remote access solution with a quick ROI.

Easier and faster access to your PLC remotely

Most of these security and difficulty issues are solved with PLC remote access. Remote support to industrial equipment is a low-hassle, secure way to access PLC’s remotely. The initial installation is easy and in case your remote customer needs support, you can troubleshoot faster by accessing their field equipment in just minutes. 

Remote access to Machine, PLC, HMI and OIT with IXON Cloud

Remote Access gives access to PLCs and associated peripherals like HMIs and OITs or other industrial equipment that is located in the customer’s locations like sensors, robots, IP-camera’s and servo’s. 

IXON Cloud’s remote access solution is designed for highly secured access, easy setup and a user-friendly user interface. 

Benefits of IXON Cloud for PLC remote access:

  • IXON Cloud saves trips to the site where the industrial equipment (machine) is located and saves the cost of installing a copy of PLC development/programming software at the remote site.
  • IXON Cloud saves on having to give customers a copy of the project source code (this can be a particularly big issue for Original Equipment Manufacturers).
  • IXON Cloud saves having to deal with IT to set up routers, open firewall ports or custom VPN connections. Just get IT approval for using the cloud.
  • IXON Cloud gives more benefits, like collecting and sharing machine data to send alarms or create live or historical dashboards for improving and monitoring your (customers’) machines. Discover all features here.
  • IXON Cloud is constantly updated, secured and monitored by professionals to protect your systems and data. Read all security measures in our security whitepaper.

How PLC remote access works

IXON Cloud explained
PLC Remote Access explained – IXON Cloud

The IXON Cloud platform is fully web-based and accessible through a smartphone app. In your portal, you can add and access all your devices to set up a secure connection from anywhere. IXON Cloud provides a secure connection method by using an encrypted https connection to the cloud and a secure VPN connection to the PLC, HMI and OIT. 

At IXON we completely understand the concern for your company’s security. And we agree. Your machines should not make you vulnerable to attacks. That’s why IXON’s connectivity solutions only set up outgoing connections, meaning that customers don’t have to worry about open ports. The IXrouter  (edge gateway & industrial VPN router) also features a built-in firewall. This blocks all traffic from the WAN to the LAN ports – and vice versa – by default. In other words, the machine network is completely separated from the company’s network.

Industrial VPN router for PLC remote access: IXrouter

Get Plug & Play access to your PLC with the IXrouter. The IXrouter is an edge gateway and industrial VPN router in-one. It is developed to connect your PLC and HMI in minutes to the IXON Cloud platform. In 3 simple steps, you connect your machines to the IXON Cloud using the fully integrated IXrouter.
Tip: Try the IXrouter 30-days for free.

IXrouter (edge gateway, industrial VPN router) connected to PLC of Wago / Siemens - IXON Cloud
IXrouter: edge gateway & industrial VPN router in-one device.

Steps to set up remote access to PLC using IXON Cloud

Discover how easy it is to set up remote access using IXON Cloud. Just follow these 3 steps to get started.

Machine data collection and logging from the PLC

With IXON you start your journey into Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT using machine data features like Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify. These are fully configurable via the IXON Cloud web portal.

These smart features allow you to automatically collect and store variables from the PLC to the IXON Cloud using a secure and lightweight data protocol MQTT (machine-to-machine (M2M) / Internet of Things connectivity protocol). Easy as pie and at your fingertips in your free IXON Cloud account.

Try remote access to your PLC for free

IXON is the easiest way to connect to any PLC. Register your free IXON Cloud account and explore the easiness of remote access to your PLC. Just create your account, add a virtual demo device and explore the features.

Compatible PLCs for remote access

IXON is specially created for machine builders and system integrators worldwide. That’s why we support a wide range of PLC and HMI brands to access from remote. Below is a partial list of PLC’s and HMI’s that are IXON Cloud compatible:

Allen Bradley – Rockwell Automation PLC’s and HMI’s
Bihl Wiedemann
Mitsubishi Electric
Omron PLC
PLCnext (Phoenix contact)
Rockwell Automation
Siemens S7
Universal Robots

Missing your PLC or HMI brand? No worries, just contact our support department to help you get started.

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