IXON becomes PagerDuty integration partner

We regularly receive requests and questions from customers who would like to see a certain feature on the IXON Cloud. One of the recurring requests is to receive an SMS message when a Cloud Notify alarm is triggered. Similarly, IXON Cloud users have also expressed an interest in being able to set up notifications according to different shifts.

Good news: this is all now within reach due to IXON’s official PagerDuty partnership.

Extended IXON’s alarming and notification options with PagerDuty

To answer the growing demands, we got in touch with PagerDuty. PagerDuty is the best industrial incident response platform and they can notify you via:

  • Phone
  • Sms
  • Email
  • Push notifications

You also provide “On-call schedules” to specify shifts, so you will only receive notifications when you are working your shift.

To expand on its intelligent machine notification and alarming functionality, IXON started a partnership with PagerDuty.

IXON is now PagerDuty Integration Partner

IXON Cloud is an open cloud platform for the machinery industry. This means that all data collected and stored securely in the IXON Cloud can be used in external applications using the API. Recently, IXON introduced the WebHooks functionality to trigger Cloud Notify events in external applications like PagerDuty.

To make it even easier for you to connect to PagerDuty and use the power of both platforms, IXON became a PagerDuty Integration Partner. This partnership ensures that our systems can be easily connected and that this integration is actively maintained.

IXON Cloud + PagerDuty integration partner - Trigger intelligent responses to critical machine malfunctions

Inform your service team faster about machine events

Act faster in case your customer’s machine runs into low productivity, needs maintenance or an emergency button is pressed. No matter what situation, you will be informed in your preferred way using our PagerDuty integration. This creates a new opportunity to upgrade your SLA response times or implement other business models.

How to trigger intelligent responses to critical machine disruptions

See this integration guide on how to configure IXON Cloud and PagerDuty step by step. Just follow these steps and the integration is set up successfully.

Once configured, your Cloud Notify alarms will create an incident in PagerDuty. In PagerDuty you determine how your service team should be informed in case of machine alarms.

Test a full machine alarm scenario with IXON Cloud and PagerDuty for free

If you are new to the IXON Cloud or PagerDuty, you can create a full test scenario (from machine event to intelligent response) for free. You need these requirements to get started:

Once you’ve connected the machine’s PLC to the IXrouter (and router to the internet), you can configure a data source and variables in the IXON Cloud. The IXrouter collects machine data automatically and makes it available for triggers and alarms in Cloud Notify and PagerDuty.

Create your IXON Cloud account and get started with the PagerDuty integration.

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