IXON renewed its Security CertificationIXON passes annual security audit ISO 27001

Overloon, 22 October 2019 – IXON, the number 1 IIoT platform provider, is pleased to announce that it passed last week’s annual audit of the existing ISO 27001 certification with flying colours. ISO 27001 is the international standard outlining best practices for an information security management system (ISMS). The audit has validated IXON’s ongoing commitment to secure the IXON Cloud platform and associated products and services by strictly adhering to industry best practices in information security.

“I am really proud that IXON has passed its yearly ISO 27001 audit without a single non-compliance issue found,” says CEO Willem Hofmans. “It once again confirmed that our Security-by-Design strategy is the right choice. Security is simply not something you can start with a week before. It’s not an add-on product, but a continuous, demanding process. It’s embedded in the core of our company, in a way that determines who we are and what we do.”

IXON’s mission is to securely connect industrial machines to the cloud and to contribute to a more productive world where machines always run. Machine builders entrust us with critical data. We are firmly committed to protecting this data at all costs and ensuring that it is always available. We created an ISO 27001 based ISMS, covering all our business activities, in order to identify, prevent and defend any vulnerabilities that may arise. This systematic approach allows us to achieve our main goals: no security incidents, 99.9% uptime and no data loss.

Because information security is one of the most important quality aspects of software, certification for the system that manages information security is crucial in order to become and remain a reliable software supplier. ISO 27001 is the leading global standard for organisations to protect their information assets and requires adherence to a number of disciplines, including access control, (cyber)security, compliance, risk management and business continuity.

Compliance with ISO 27001 shows that organisations have implemented comprehensive security programs and controls that protect their information and those of their customers in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

IXON’s compliance with the ISO 27001 standard was certified by DigiTrust, an RvA accredited certification body based in the Netherlands.

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IXON is the most secure and user-friendly Industrial IoT solution for machine builders. We aim to help make the world a more productive place with a future-proof all-in-one solution. The robust and compact IXrouter is seamlessly integrated with the powerful IXON Cloud platform. Future-proof your business by creating new business models, such as pay-per-use and Service Level Agreements. Deliver remote service, monitor your machine, set up alerts, and create high-end data reports. It’s all at your fingertips in your own customer portal.

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