How IXON has structured its cloud services and servers

The IXON Cloud is a complex network of over 50 servers, distributed worldwide. It is structured to provide the best performance, availability and security. All servers are located in data centres which uphold the highest security standards and have obtained ISO 27001 certification. The Security Whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the IXON Cloud infrastructure.

Server and services structure - IXON Cloud
Figure 1. A drawing of the IXON Cloud infrastructure

IXON Cloud consists of numerous server and database types, key types being:

  • API services
  • MQTT broker services
  • VPN servers
  • Kubernetes cluster
  • Relational database cluster
  • Non-relational database cluster
  • Time series database cluster

What IXON Cloud servers and databases do

The VPN server network is redundant, so if one VPN server goes down, the other servers will take over automatically. This way we can guarantee low latency connections to your machines. A Kubernetes cluster enables and manages microservices. This modern architectural style ensures optimal scalability and availability of the IXON Cloud platform.

The application programming interface (API) services are the heart of the IXON Cloud, handling many key processes including authorisations. With a unique API key provided by IXON, users can use the services to create custom applications or integrations with third parties.

IXON’s MQTT broker services are used for pushing router configurations, firmware upgrades and for the transmission of Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify data. After the IXrouter sends the machine data to the MQTT broker, it is time-stamped and stored in a buffer database. This is followed by a time correction before it’s finally stored in a time series database cluster.

All other stored data (e.g. users, companies, devices, platform events, etc.) are stored in relational and non-relational database clusters.

Want to know more?

Get more in-depth information on IXON Cloud’s infrastructure by reading the security whitepaper, which includes topics such as:

  • Details on how each service works
  • Why every single server and service is important
  • How the services and servers work together
  • Where exactly some servers are located
  • And many more security-related topics

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