How to build a branded company IIoT platform which your customers will loveDiscover the premium branding and white-label features of IXON Cloud to make IIoT completely yours.

Your company’s brand is everything, it stands for your vision and profession. To stay top of mind of your customers, we created features for the IXON Cloud to turn it into an Industrial IoT platform for your company in no-time. It’s like creating your own cloud platform without valuable time investment and costs for R&D and maintenance updates.

Create your company branded IIoT portal using the Premium Branding feature of IXON Cloud, it is really affordable for any company!

Benefits of brand and white labelled options

In many cases, building a customized IIoT solution from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your business, can be a setup for failure. That’s because building your own solution can lead you to:

  • Reinvent the wheel, making mistakes that others before you have already made and mastered
  • Dramatically slow down your time to market, as you try to troubleshoot and increase your learning curve outside your core competency
  • Spend too much money developing tools and solutions that already exist in other formats
  • Miss out on resources and expertise in the specific topic where you need a focused solution.

These pitfalls can be easily avoided by simply opting for a brand or white label solution, rather than building one yourself.

Premium Branding - Apply your company brand to Industrial IoT platform of IXON Cloud

Premium Branding: apply your company brand to the IXON Cloud

The IXON Cloud has a built-in brand package feature to apply your company logo and colour scheme to your company account. This is freely accessible for any company account.

Using the Premium Branding feature, you get even more customization options to make the IXON Cloud completely yours. You directly benefit from all IXON Cloud features: get VPN access to your machines using remote access, web-based access to HMI and web servers and IoT features like data logging and receiving alarms.

Custom domain URL and login page to access your IIoT platform

With the Premium Branding feature, you can set a custom domain to login to your IIoT platform in the IXON Cloud. For example The login page is also styled with your logo and colours so your customers will know they are at the right place.

Premium Branding: Custom URL and login screen for IIoT - IXON Cloud

After logging in, the IIoT portal is provided with your company logo and colours. When your customers get access to their industrial devices or request a machine dashboard, your company is always in sight.

Premium Branding: Company branded custom IIoT platform - IXON Cloud

Customized support page so your customers are helped faster

When your customers need help configurating or optimizing their machines, they need your support engineers. Using Premium Branding you can set your companies support information. Customize the support website URL, email address and phone number so help is one click away.

Premium Branding: Company specific support contact info - IXON Cloud

Email notifications with your logo, URL and colours

The IXON Cloud sends out emails in case of alarms or when you invite your customer or colleague to access their machines in the IIoT portal. When Premium Branding is applied, the platform is styled with your logo, custom URL and colours.

Premium Branding - Machine alarm email notification with your logo and colors - IXON Cloud

How to activate Premium Branding?

The steps to apply Premium Branding to your IXON Cloud portal are described in our support portal.  Follow these instructions to activate the Premium Branding feature.

The actual pricing is shown in your IXON Cloud portal. If you haven’t created a company portal yet, then register one for free here and discover all benefits for your company.

More brand exposure with IXON Cloud whitelabel features

To increase your brand exposure and take advantage of the benefits from a proven IIoT solution, IXON provides the opportunity to whitelabel the IXrouter and smartphone apps. No need for developing your own industrial IoT gateway or iPhone / Android apps to access your machines.

With a short time to market your apps and whitelabelled IXrouters are ready to launch.

Whitelabel IXrouter using frontfolies

See below an example of the IXrouter with a custom frontfolie from Propack Machinery. Underlying is the robust and compact IXrouter which is fully integrated with the IXON Cloud platform. Update it remotely with all upcoming releases to better service your customers.

Whitelabel IXrouter with frontfolies - Industrial IoT gateway - IXON Cloud

Whitelabel smartphone apps to connect to your machines

Creating apps and maintaining them can be very difficult. If you apply for the whitelabel smartphone apps, then you have nothing to worry about. IXON’s development team will update your apps in the app stores with all new releases.

Whitelabel smartphone app (Android, iPhone) for IXON Cloud (IIoT platform)

How to activate the IXON whitelabel features?

If you are interested in whitelabeling the IXrouters or the smartphone apps, you can contact our sales team for a quote.


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