Top 7 benefits of IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution for managementCustomisable IIoT platform. Higher profit. Better customer relations.

As machine manufacturer, you are constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage. Innovation is part of your strategic plan and the role of an IIoT solution cannot be ignored. However, it can be difficult deciding which Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, connectivity solution and additional tools best fit your goals. You may even consider developing your own solution.

IXON developed a Plug & Play IIoT solution, specific for machine builders, system integrators and building automation. This all-in-one solution combines a web-based platform and integrated edge connectivity and is fully customisable to your needs. Features to access your machine remotely, collect data, and create dashboards and alarms are all there for you and your customers.

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Customisable Industrial Internet Of Things Platform. Better Customers Relations. Higher Profit - IXON Cloud

Benefits of IXON Cloud for CEO and managers

What does IXON Cloud offer to help you gain a competitive advantage? How can you achieve your goals in less time and with fewer R&D investments?

This list of 7 benefits showcases exactly how IXON Cloud supports decision-makers and managers.

Are you an engineer? Find your benefits here.

  1. Step into Industry 4.0 with a ready-to-use IIoT platform
    Create added value for your machines and launch your own IIoT platform in no-time, including premium branding and white label options. IXON Cloud, the IXrouter and the mobile apps are fully customisable to your company branding.
  2. Save costs for innovation
    Innovate today and avoid R&D costs for building and maintaining your own (custom) IIoT platform. Choosing IXON Cloud means instantly saving on R&D, maintenance and recurring IoT platform costs.
  3. No wasting your engineer’s valuable time
    Finding engineers is hard, so get more out of your current employees with an efficient service and data solution. Make them happier and more productive and find solutions for their daily frustrations.
  4. Fully customisable to your customers’ needs
    Configure your IXON Cloud with the information you or your customers need to get the most out of the machines. Customisable dashboards, user management, access logs, support information and notifications with instructions to optimise machine productivity and reduce downtime.
  5. Create more value and increase your revenue
    Upgrade service level agreements, implement pay-per-use or subscription models, consult and advise customers for improved performance. Use data intelligently to expand your business models and stay top-of-mind to strengthen your customer relationships and boost your revenue.
  6. Scalable and futureproof
    IXON Cloud is ready for now and for the future. It’s completely scalable according to your needs; start small (industrial remote access) and expand with data features whenever you or your customers are ready for it. We’re working on building new features every day, based on our customers’ needs and our vision for the future – so you can rest assured that you’ll stay ahead of the competition.
  7. Continuously monitored, maintained and innovated
    An ISO-27001 certified ISMS and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance by IXON Cloud experts, so you can focus on building and selling great machines. Read more about our security standards.
Create your own IIoT platform - Whitelabel IXON Cloud
Customised IXON Cloud platform, IXrouter and Mobile apps

Several ways to explore IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution

Haven’t experienced the ease and effectiveness of IXON Cloud yet? We provide several ways you, or your colleagues, can get acquainted with the platform.

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