7 avoidable frustrations engineers face every dayAnd how you can easily solve them with IXON Cloud

Working around the clock to meet your customer’s deadline. Solving machine issues in no-time to keep your customers happy. Stay up-to-date with innovative techniques to build better machines and stay ahead of the competition.

Respect, that’s a lot to achieve.

The life of a (service) engineer can be brutal and troubled. Things never run as smoothly as you want.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We listed the 7 most common frustrations (service) engineers face every day. You will even get some tips on how to reduce these irritations with IXON’s industrial remote access and Industrial IoT platform for machine builders.

The 7 most common frustrations of (service) engineers:

  1. Continuously losing the connection to your machines
  2. Needing to install VPN software on all your devices
  3. The inability to set up VPN connections at the same time as your colleagues
  4. Wasting precious time on complicated router installations
  5. Not quite having all the necessary coding skills to implement IIoT
  6. Poor insight into who has access to which machines
  7. Losing valuable time due to a complex user interface

1. You continuously lose connection to your machines

Connecting……………Connected……………Connection lost. Argggrr!

If you need to solve a malfunction, you don’t want to deal with connection failures. A stable and fast VPN connection is necessary to help your customer save costs on unplanned downtime, and quickly fix machine issues.

IXON Cloud - Animation of how you connect to your PLC / industrial machine using secure VPN

“The VPN connections were often not stable with our previous provider.”
– Pieter van de Bussche, Manager at Progicon

IXON Cloud is built on a complex cloud infrastructure for high performance and worldwide availability. 99.9% uptime, low latency and a redundant VPN network offer you fast and reliable access to your machines remotely. No matter where you or your machines are located, you can focus on solving issues rather than trying to get connected to your machine.

“Our main goal was to help our customers more quickly. I was very surprised by the simplicity of the configuration”.
– Bart Aernouts, Founder & Engineer at AASYS

Read why AASYS switched to IXON here: https://www.ixon.cloud/blog/case-study-aasys

2. You need to install VPN software on all your devices

Need additional software to set up a VPN connection to your machine? Switching laptops or getting access to other devices… Every device you want to use needs that specific software, and the most up-to-date version, to get connected.

Software installation is a thing of the past.

The IXON Cloud, a web-based IIoT platform, is compatible with any laptop, tablet or mobile device. You only need a browser, or the mobile app, to login to your online IIoT portal and set up a connection to any of your machines.

Save time and unnecessary frustration with easy installation, updating and running software, or fixing incompatibilities using IXON Cloud.

“We no longer offer remote support using the customer’s own VPN solutions. We’ve now found a product that works, offers good support and looks great.”
– Erik Spauwen, Project Engineer at Eco-Vision | Download the case study

3. You can’t set up VPN connections at the same time as your colleagues

Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t set up VPN when you needed to because a colleague was already connected? Or wanted a second pair of eyes to help you localise an issue, but the two of you couldn’t access the machine at the same time?

When configuring complex machines or solving software issues with multiple service engineers, you don’t have time for queues and other restrictions. Whether the situation is urgent or not, queueing in line to access your machine is a hassle you can’t afford.

IXON Cloud - Setup VPN with multiple users to one machine

On IXON Cloud you, your partners and your colleagues can start a VPN connection to the same device at the same time. Working together is the key to building better machines and solving machine issues faster. Discover the best VPN tool to connect and manage all of your machines, with unlimited VPN usage and no additional costs or licenses.

“IXON offers functionalities for multiple users to be logged in simultaneously.”
– Rutger Koelemeijer, Software specialist at Green Building Control | Download the case study

“I couldn’t even open a VPN tunnel anymore because [the 20 different tools we were using] came into conflict with each other”
– Eric Spauwen, Project Engineer at Eco-Vision

Read why Eco-Vision chose IXON Cloud as their standard VPN solution here: https://www.ixon.cloud/blog/case-study-eco-vision

4. You’re wasting precious time on complicated router installations

Need a manual to get the router connected to your machine? Too many actions during the setup of your industrial router leads to a complicated, time-consuming installation.

Getting the right configuration takes up valuable time and costs the company a lot of money. A complicated set-up often leads to installation failures. Costing your company even more time and money.

The Plug & Play installation of IXON’s industrial routers ensures that you don’t waste any of your valuable time on mundane tasks. In this video we explain how it works: just generate and download the configuration file on IXON Cloud, put it on a USB-stick and insert it in the IXrouter.

IXON Cloud - Animation of how to create a IXrouter configuration file

IXrouter - put USB stick with configuration to connect it to the IXON Cloud

Wait 2 minutes and your device is automatically connected to and accessible in your IXON Cloud account.

IXON Cloud - Activate IXrouter and setup a secure connection to your machines

“If you’re spending two hours configuring a router, that quickly becomes a nuisance. When you can do the same within twenty minutes, that’s a huge difference”
– Michael Eling, Service & Application Engineer at Nidec | Download the case study

5. You don’t quite have all the coding skills needed to implement IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things is a comprehensive term covering Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet. IIoT creates possibilities for a world of instant data collection and analysis, communication gathering via hardware, software, networks, standards, and technology innovations. All made possible by connecting your devices to the internet.

Are you lacking the expertise to collect machine data and make it accessible for analysis, alarming or predictive maintenance? Finding people with coding skills is a big challenge. Experts can be hard to find and hiring them requires big investments.

That’s why IXON made its data features easy for you, without any coding (check out this video). All it takes is choosing the right industrial protocol, defining the PLC variables you want to log and pushing the settings to your device. The IXrouter will take it from there.

IXON Cloud - Configure PLC variables and create drag-drop dashboards

The drag-and-drop data visualisation feature, part of IXON Cloud Logging, helps you easily build live and historical machine dashboards using intuitive widgets. Use your data to create and send alarms in case of important machine events using Cloud Notify.

IXON Cloud - Create machine / PLC triggers, alarms and send notification to receivers

No coding skills needed to implement IIoT features. Every tool you need for data analysis, predictive maintenance and future IIoT innovations in one platform. All configured in your own web-based portal.

“IXON has really created a gap with other solutions in terms of machine insight and a technical, user-friendly, no-code platform.”
– Joris van Kessel, owner at IOdash

6. You lose insight into who has access to which machines

How to get access to customer X’s machine? Who accessed machine Y? Where is machine Z located? When you manufacture tons of machines each year, you are likely to lose sight of such specifics. When you do need access, but maybe not on a regular basis, you don’t want to search for the required machine or information each time you need access.

IXON Cloud gives you a clear overview of all your machines, their locations, who got access and a detailed audit trail which shows you who gained access when, and what they did. Making user and machine management easy.

IXON Cloud - User management. Set permissions for machine.

Invite others to your platform by entering their email address, set their rights (e.g. only VPN or HMI access), receive alarms or view machine dashboards. Create and customize your IIoT portal in the IXON Cloud.

“You can structure your customers in an organised manner and manage user permissions on the IXON Cloud.”
– Pieter van de Bussche, manager at Progicon

Read why others switched to IXON: https://www.ixon.cloud/blog/switching-between-remote-access-providers

7. You lose valuable time due to a complex user interface

Where are the settings located? Need a training course or have to follow the support guide to get something done? You’re wasting minutes or hours looking for what you need due to a counterintuitive interface. Time you could have spent looking for that pesky error, solving an issue or updating the machine’s software.

“In terms of user-friendliness, IXON stands out from the crowd”
– Eric Spauwen, Project Engineer at Eco-Vision | Download case study

We are here to make you more successful. One of our core pillars is making remote access and IIoT easy. IXON Cloud provides a user-friendly interface for anyone. Plug & play setup, no coding required to set up your data logging or visualisation, and the intuitive design lets you find your way in no-time. Even a child could do it.

“It just works and has a really nice interface. We’ve definitely resolved issues remotely because of it.”
– Michael Eling, Service & Application Engineer at Nidec

“[Cloud Logging] is so easy to use, IXON has developed a phenomenal graphic dashboard tool. You can basically do anything with it”
– Freddy Dekkers, Water IQ International | Download case study


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