4 reasons why you should choose IXON as your IIoT partner

IXON Cloud is a SaaS platform that makes remote access and IIoT easily accessible for all. But what does that mean exactly and why should IXON be your go-to choice for Industrial IoT and remote access?

IXON is…

  1. Customisable
  2. Futureproof
  3. Easy & Accessible
  4. Secure


4 reasons why IXON is your go-to choice for Industrial IoT - explained


1. Your own IIoT platform in no-time

Always dreamt of having your own IIoT portal? One that’s accessible for both you and your customers?

Dream no more.

Your free IXON Cloud account always comes with the ability to whitelabel the platform as your own. With a short time-to-market for your custom platform, you’ll no longer require massive amounts of specialised skills and a large budget to set up your own portal.

  • Invite your customers to access their machines on IXON Cloud
  • Build a stronger corporate brand
  • Provide customers with insights into the productivity of their machines
  • Implement new business models like pay-per-use


Create your own IIoT platform - Whitelabel IXON Cloud


2. Futureproof and scalable IoT solution

IXON Cloud is an accessible platform fit for every company’s changing needs. Just want to get started with remote access? No problem, setting up a connection to your machine has never been so easy.

Advanced IXON Cloud features ensure that your tool is ready to grow with you, once you’re ready to take the next step, with features to help you through every stage of the IIoT Maturity Model. The model helps you determine where you are today, what you can expect from the future, and which steps you should be taking next.

With IXON Cloud, you have a future-proof platform at your disposal. So that while you can start small, you’re ready to start scaling up in the future.

  • Remote access included with purchase of connectivity device
  • Ready for IoT with built-in data collection, storage and visualisation features
  • Notifications for machine alerts lay the groundwork for predictive maintenance capabilities
  • Futureproof, constantly evolving solution keeps you up-to-date with latest Industry 4.0 innovations


Industrial IoT Maturity Model for Machine Builders - IXON Cloud


3. Easiest set-up on the market today

Nidec Netherlands, a supplier of drive solutions and IXON Cloud user, experienced savings of over 1.5 hours per installation. Simply because they switched from another industrial VPN router to IXON. Read more about their experience with IXON here.

The collaboration between IXON Cloud and IXON’s connectivity devices ensures the easiest set-up on the market today. Just put the configuration file on the USB-stick, plug it into the IXrouter and your machine will be online in minutes. From there on, everything’s configured, installed and altered via IXON Cloud.

  • Set up using the supplied USB-stick, the IXrouter will take it from there
  • Your machine online in just minutes (find out how in this video)
  • Web-based configuration of all settings like firewall, WAN or firmware
  • Completely accessible in your browser, no software downloads required


Graphic overview of the IXON Cloud solution from web-based platform to industrial router


4. Guaranteed focus on security

Your customers can rest assured that your solution is secured to the highest standards.

IXON takes the security of IXON Cloud and the connected machines very seriously. Get a complete overview of how we secure the solution by downloading the IXON Cloud Security Whitepaper or reading one of our security-related blogs.

  • No open ports in their firewall and no fixed IP address required
  • VPN access regulated locally with hardware switch
  • Individual access and user rights
  • Highest security standards – ISO-27001 certified


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