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Start solving your machine issues with remote service to decrease costly on-site visits

Unplanned maintenance and downtime are every machine builder’s nightmare. It disrupts production planning and takes away critical time from technical staff. Instantly reduce the impact by providing remote service, so you can solve at least 60% of issues remotely. IXON Cloud makes it easy.

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Prevent machine downtime during warranty

Downtime is a major expense during the warranty period. As these costs are borne entirely by the machine builder, it's crucial to prevent downtime. Even with factory acceptance tests (FAT) and a standard operating procedure (SOP), inevitably issues will pop up. By providing remote service and maintenance as quickly as possible you:

  • Decrease on-site visits by 60% and save costs
  • Solve issues faster, getting happier customers
  • Make more efficient use of a PLC engineer's valuable time

Instant troubleshooting from anywhere

Machine uptime guaranteed in Service Level Agreements can make delayed service very costly due to high financial penalties. That's why fast troubleshooting is important – even beyond the warranty period.

With a secure remote service platform, service engineers can access machines from anywhere for instant troubleshooting. All that’s needed is secure access to the PLC and HMI, and the engineer can perform their job remotely as if they were on site: finding and solving faults, and updating the software with a fix.

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Save significantly on costs and time

Ease the pressure on your engineers with flexible and efficient remote service. Reduce travel costs, solve downtime faster and increase your customer satisfaction. Even save time during the installation of your remote access solution with the IXrouter’s Plug & Play set up.

  • Prepare maintenance visits: Consult PLC logs remotely to find which spare parts you should bring
  • Remotely support operators: Use augmented reality and remote access to help the local machine operator solve issues quickly
  • New business opportunities: Remote access opens the doors to new activities such as field service optimisation and SLA validation

Choose or switch to a reliable solution

Do you have a remote access solution that’s too slow or restricted to VPN only? Does it lack a clear overview of who has access to which machine, have an expensive license model or is it not up-to-date on the latest security measures?

IXON provides a secure, easy-to-use remote service solution that covers everything from hardware to the cloud. Set up a fast and secure connection with the IXrouter using VPN, VNC or HTTP, gather and analyse machine data in fully customisable dashboards, and receive alarms to provide proactive and preventive service to customers. All while having full control of advanced user management without any licensing fees.

How IXON supports you

All-in-one solution

IXON’s end-to-end solution allows for fast and reliable remote access and has the easiest Plug & Play setup you have ever experienced.

No user licenses

Get full remote control over your PLC, HMI and connected devices from a central platform and share access without user licenses.

Multi-device accessibility

The IXON Cloud is fully web-based and is also available on all mobile devices, so you can access your machines from anywhere at any time.

Futureproof & scalable

Go beyond VPN: start using machine data in a few simple steps or even transform your business models. Our experts are readily available to help you along!

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