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Increasing machine uptime with proactive services and downtime reports

Struggling to get a grip on your machine uptime? With real-time and historical machine data, you gain insights into machine uptime and downtime. So you can help customers more proactively with transparent insights and concrete advice to prevent unplanned downtime. More efficient machinery, happier customers.

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Discover the cause of machine downtime

Guaranteeing machine uptime is business critical for machine builders, especially with a service level agreement (SLA) in place. To track your performance against the agreements set, insight into machine downtime causes is necessary.

Getting information on the root cause of downtime, such as operator error or worn parts, helps you advise customers accordingly. On the other hand, you don’t want to be charged for failures you have no part in. Time to identify your key bottlenecks.

Get insights to improve your machines

Show customers why their equipment is not producing optimally. Continuously optimise machines in the field, and use their data to improve next generation machines. With an instant and secure connection from your machine to IXON Cloud, you can store machine data reliably. Visualise key data in custom dashboards for both you and your customers, such as: 

  • Machine state
  • Production rate
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

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Become a trusted advisor

When machine downtime occurs, you want to find and solve the failure as fast as possible. Remote access allows you to provide immediate service and troubleshoot quickly to guarantee higher machine uptime. In case of operator errors, you can take on an advisory role and offer training on how to work with your machines. Your customer gets more use out of your machine, downtime decreases and production efficiency is up. Added value for all, and a potential new paid service model for you.

Prevent unplanned downtime

Want to be the type of partner that reaches out to your customer about a (potential) issue, before they experience any trouble and have to call you? Take the next step to proactive and even preventive maintenance. Monitor the condition of critical equipment, recognise key patterns and abnormalities, and set alarms to inform you in advance.

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How IXON supports you

Widely compatible

Log data using all modern protocols, such as OPC-UA and Modbus, for all popular PLC brands like Siemens, Rockwell, Omron and Beckhoff. 

Uptime dashboards

Monitor machine status and total up- or downtime in data dashboards. Customisable to your needs, and to each machine or customer.

Alarms & notifications

Receive alarms to get reactive and preventive insights in failures or potential downtime, and provide proactive maintenance.

Multi-device accessibility

Troubleshoot remotely and monitor all your machines from anywhere in the world with our web-based platform and mobile app.

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