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Solve downtime faster with reliable machine failure alarms

Inefficient alarm management of machine malfunctions results in serious losses. Getting real-time notifications when machinery is not operating properly is imperative in preventing long downtime. Web-based alarm management combined with data insights and remote access allows engineers to fix problems faster.

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Reliable alarms in any situation

A typical alarm is displayed on the HMI. However, for some machines those alarms are inaccessible: standalone machines without a SCADA or MES system, machines without an operator or machines operating completely off the grid. The machine builder only knows about the alarm when the customer calls. These situations can lead to long standstill.

To prevent this, a web-based alarming system helps machine builders or end users take action on any type of alarm – from simple warning to critical emergency. IXON Cloud’s alarming feature reliably delivers alarms to any recipient anywhere in the world, preventing and minimising the impact of machine breakdown.

Receive notifications on any device

When a machine parameter hits the alarming trigger, you want to be notified immediately. No matter where you are, what the machine's state is or where it's located. IXON's edge device continuously monitors your machine locally. If connection is lost, you'll automatically get notified so you don't miss any critical alarms. With IXON Cloud's alarming feature, you can receive alerts via email or push notification on any device. And the options are even broader when you integrate 3rd party tools like PagerDuty.

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Increase alarm efficiency with data insights

Get more value out of your machines by combining alarms and data insights. With advanced data analysis and condition monitoring, you can improve the accuracy of your alarms, secure the quality of your machines, and start a predictive maintenance strategy. Learn from machine failures to improve your service and increase customer loyalty.

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Offer advice as an additional service

Provide your customers with highly valuable insights into the root cause of machine failures. Wouldn’t your customers like to know if they receive 20% more alarms than others with similar operations?

If you sell fifty identical machines to different customers, you can monitor the alarms of all equipment. Compare their performance and offer insights into the cause – e.g. misuse, wrong materials or a set time the alarm keeps occurring. By providing your customers with advice for improvement, you have a potential new business model on your hands.

How IXON supports you

Fully web-based

Manage and handle your alarms all in one central platform with web-based access, without any need for programming or extra hardware.

Immediate troubleshooting

Easily set alarms based on PLC or sensor data, and take immediate action via VPN or remote HMI access when an alarm is triggered.

Multi-device alerts

Receive notifications about failures on your smartphone, tablet or via email wherever you are to take immediate action.

Automated alerts

Set multiple alarm triggers and assign alarm priorities to the right people with IXON's advanced user management system.

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